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Required Documentation

You must submit the following documents with your application to be considered for the Wavemaker Fellowship. Please read the description of the documents carefully. Upload the corresponding documents when prompted on the application. Please contact with any specific questions related to the application and required materials.

Annual Certification Form: Annual Certification Form.pdf 

Employer Verification Form: Employer Verification Form.pdf Please have your immediate supervisor complete this form to certify your current employment status. If you are self-employed, please complete the form to the best of your ability, reflecting your employment status.

Academic Transcript: Please provide a transcript from each higher education institution you graduated from. Transcripts do not need to be "official" transcripts, but must contain relevant information such as college/university name, student name, course work & grades, GPA, etc.

Current Resume: Please provide a resume listing education, work experience and other accomplishments to be considered as part of your application. CVs are acceptable.

12 Months of Individual Statements from ALL lenders: Please provide documentation from your loan service provider(s) that includes: loan provider, account holder information, total loan amount, interest rate, loan terms & payment schedule (including minimum monthly payment requirement). Loans must be in the applicant's legal name and include your Service Period (noted above). Parent Plus loans are not eligible!

12 Months of Payment History:  Please provide documentation from your loan service provider(s) that includes: loan provider, account holder information, and 12 Months of Payment History for your Service Period (noted above).

Example loan documents can be found here. Note: not all example documents contain all required information; these images are simply meant to be a guide to help you identify the kinds of loan documents necessary for your application.

The Wavemaker Fellowship team reserves the right to request additional and/or replacement documentation should original submissions be deemed inadequate.



To access the forms necessary to complete your annual certification if you are already a Fellow, please click here to be directed to the 'Documents & Resources' section of the Fellows Hub.